About Us

Exposing the Beauty Around Us

David Paul is a northern Utah nature and wildlife photographer specializing in unique and expressive fine art photography.

He sees the beauty that the Creator intended for us to enjoy and captures it in a way that inspires and contributes the positive in life.

David has been a photographer for over 40 years.  He got his start in the photography field working with his father in their dark room and doing landscape photography while learning the intricacies of proper lighting and technique.

He also has extensive experience in portrait and wedding photography and only takes clients who are interested in high quality work.

“There is beauty all around.  All we have to do is allow ourselves the opportunity to enjoy it and to let it influence us positively.  The Master Artist has provided so much for us to enjoy in our lives and to be able to preserve His artistry for others to enjoy is a privilege I relish.”

David Paul